How does the life of pulmonary hypertension patient recuperate

  How does the life of pulmonary hypertension patient recuperate? For the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, patients must have more rest, pay attention to more rest at ordinary times, reasonably arrange their own lives, develop good living habits and eating habits, and do a good job of disease prevention. Let's have a detailed understanding.   1. Adequate rest: Adequate rest can relieve the fatigue symptoms caused by pulmonary hypertension.   2. Do not travel or live at high altitudes: Altitude alone can aggravate the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension. If you live at high altitudes, you should consider moving to a lower one.   3. Avoid activities that can cause ultra-low blood pressure, such as taking a sauna or taking a hot bath for too long. They can cause excessive drops in blood pressure, which can lead to fainting or even sudden death. Also, you need to avoid prolonged exertion, such as lifting heavy objects for long periods of time.   4. Find a relaxing ac

My history of high blood pressure

Recently, I feel tired all over. I've been sleeping for 4-5 days. Every morning I get up full of energy. I feel sleepy after breakfast, so I don't wake up until lunch. After lunch, he went on sleeping until supper. Slept after supper and slept until morning. I slept soundly in the morning, afternoon, and night.

And edema, especially on the feet. How can you sleep with swollen feet?

What's wrong with your body?

I have had high blood pressure for many years and have been taking blood pressure medication.

So he went to the first hospital of Jida University (Grade A) to see a doctor.

In the hospital hung hypertension cardiology department, measured blood pressure, 182/82. The doctor ordered routine urine, kidney and liver function, an electrocardiogram, and a color heart ultrasound. After the doctor read the examination report, he told me that there was no big problem, but some symptoms caused by high blood pressure. If I controlled my blood pressure well, I would be fine. Renal function has a little problem, Haikun Shenxi CapsCapsuleulen, the diagnosis, and treatment of nephropathy department were completed.

Do these, still not trust, and to the Internet through the public number "Doctor Ding" consult Shanghai Changhai Hospital cardiovascular medicine doctor Wang Feiyu.

The full transcript of my conversation with Dr. Wang is as follows:

How do you do, Dr. Wang? I am 72 years old, male, and have suffered from hypertension for 4-5 years. The highest systolic blood pressure ever reached 200mmHg. But. My diastolic blood pressure has never been high, usually around 80mmHg. A few days ago all over swollen, so to the hospital to see a doctor. The blood pressure in the hospital was 182/82. My doctor just advised me to control my blood pressure and prescribed medication. How should I control my blood pressure?

Dr. Wang's reply:

Hello, question received, thank you for your trust.

Your condition really should be strictly controlled blood pressure, blood pressure medication can rest assured, can adjust the blood pressure down. At present, the cause of edema is not clear, I do not know whether it is related to the heart function, I will ask you some questions later to identify.

1. Can I sleep flat at night? Or high pillows?

2. What kind of blood pressure medication are you taking?

3. Have the examination result of heart color ultrasound or electrocardiogram to be able to refer to?

4. Do you have chest tightness or symptoms of chest tightness when you walk fast?

Let me have a look at the result of renal function test yesterday.

6. Oedema is double foot more severe, the body should be relatively light?

7. Is there any underlying heart disease?

If you have any other complaints, please let me know.

You'd better respond to the above questions one by one, and I will give you advice later.

My reply:

1. Sleep at night without any problems, and will also need a high pillow.

2. I have been taking Nifedipine Controlled-Release Tablets, and I have no other antihypertensive medicine. The doctor prescribed Diwan yesterday.

3. I send you the ECG and color ultrasound the report done yesterday, as well as the renal function test report and the photo of swelling of the back foot.

4. The swollen feet are more severe, but less so in other places.

No history of heart disease.

Reply from Dr. Wang:

Hello, I've read the report. I'm clear.

Your heart function is good, EF is 66%, valvular calcification, and a little reflux, kidney function is slightly down, nothing serious. In summary, the first leg swollen causes can exclude heart problems, exclude heart failure, etc., also, and kidney function is not related. The edema caused by renal function is mainly high edema, mostly distributed in the eyelid.

The reason for your edema may be related to the new, which is a kind of idiopathic edema often seen with oral CCB antihypertensive drugs. It is not related, and the symptoms can be relieved by combining antihypertensive drugs.

The solution I give is as follows:

1. Nifedipine Controlled Release Tablets 30mg/ day

2. Divin 80mg/ day

3. Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg/ day (half tablet)

If you add half a pill to what your doctor prescribed, your blood pressure will be greatly improved. Besides, the leg swelling will go away in a few days.

The problem of renal function may be long-term hypertension causes renal arteriolosclerosis caused, you can check routine urine + carotid artery color ultrasound + renal artery color ultrasound. These tests determine how much blood vessels are damaged by high pressure, whether there is renal artery stenosis that makes it difficult to control blood pressure, and assess urinary protein. It is highly recommended that you only take these three tests when it is convenient for you.

If there are problems, in addition to antihypertensive treatment, some other comprehensive treatment measures should be added to improve renal function and protect the kidney.

My reply:

My self-diagnosis was that senile vascular sclerosis was causing a large difference in blood pressure.

In this case, the low pressure has been so low. Can the low pressure be too low if the pressure is continued?

Dr. Wang replied:

Your concern is correct, but don't worry about diastolic blood pressure. High systolic blood pressure is a characteristic of older people, which is strongly associated with atherosclerosis. Normal blood pressure medications generally do not lower diastolic blood pressure too low, and the current focus is also on systolic blood pressure. Diastolic blood pressure can be ignored, even if the blood pressure to a few dozen is not important.

Thereafter, checked "hypertension rational drug use a book to know". It's exactly the same.

That seems to be the only way to go. Can you do it differently?

All right. Sunday to see a Chinese doctor. I this kind of chronic disease, maybe Chinese medicine has the solution!

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