dangerous moments of high blood pressure

Core clew: patients with high blood pressure because long-term blood pressure is bigger, the blood vessels in the spasticity, so that blood vessel elasticity decreased, and the brittleness increases, if at this time due to some reason contributing to increased blood pressure suddenly, is easy to cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral vascular rupture and causing this for patients with high blood pressure, is undoubtedly the most fatal blow. Therefore, patients with hypertension should try to avoid a sudden rise in blood pressure, especially under the following circumstances, should be more cautious. Due to the long-term pressure on blood vessels, blood vessels are in a spasm state in patients with hypertension, resulting in decreased vascular elasticity and increased brittleness. If blood pressure rises suddenly due to some reason at this time, it is easy to cause cerebral vascular rupture and cerebral hemorrhage, which is undoubtedly the most fatal blow for patients with hypertension. Therefor

Home sphygmomanometer may cheat you?

Hypertension is one of the main factors affecting global public health problems, and it is also the initiator of many fatal diseases. According to the survey, many families have home blood pressure monitoring equipment, but the latest research shows that the accuracy of home blood pressure monitoring equipment is very low, only about 30%. And believe that the test results are likely to make a wrong judgment

In this study, scientists compared dozens of home blood pressure monitoring devices. They found that in 70% of cases, the detection results of these devices are not accurate. This research result has brought trouble to thousands of patients who measure blood pressure at home. What should we do?

Before completely relying on home blood pressure testing equipment, we can first compare the reading of home equipment with that of hospital equipment, and the most important thing is to test several times, and judge our blood pressure value according to the results of multiple tests, and find the corresponding treatment method. No one can make a judgment through the results of one measurement unless it is a rapid rise High or low. In this study, the researchers analyzed 85 According to the blood pressure monitoring results of patients, the researchers compared the results measured by the home sphygmomanometer with the gold standard. The research found that although there was a gap between the results measured by the home sphygmomanometer and the gold standard, the difference was acceptable. Besides, the researchers also found that the difference in male patients was more serious than that in female patients, and the reason is not clear And I know.

The full study was published in the American Journal of hypertension


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dangerous moments of high blood pressure

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