dangerous moments of high blood pressure

Core clew: patients with high blood pressure because long-term blood pressure is bigger, the blood vessels in the spasticity, so that blood vessel elasticity decreased, and the brittleness increases, if at this time due to some reason contributing to increased blood pressure suddenly, is easy to cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral vascular rupture and causing this for patients with high blood pressure, is undoubtedly the most fatal blow. Therefore, patients with hypertension should try to avoid a sudden rise in blood pressure, especially under the following circumstances, should be more cautious. Due to the long-term pressure on blood vessels, blood vessels are in a spasm state in patients with hypertension, resulting in decreased vascular elasticity and increased brittleness. If blood pressure rises suddenly due to some reason at this time, it is easy to cause cerebral vascular rupture and cerebral hemorrhage, which is undoubtedly the most fatal blow for patients with hypertension. Therefor

What is Orthostatic hypertension

 "The so-called orthostatic hypertension refers to patients with elevated blood pressure when standing or sitting, but normal blood pressure when lying down. This kind of hypertension can reach 4.2% in domestic patients with hypertension, accounting for 10% of foreign reports. The characteristics of this disease are that it generally does not have high blood characteristics, and most of them are found in physical examination or accidental causes, and their blood pressure is mainly increased by double pressure, and the fluctuation range is high Large, especially serious patients can appear palpitation, easy fatigue, fall asleep quickly, blood test plasma renin activity is higher than normal people, even more than the general hypertension patients. The main treatment is to strengthen physical exercise, improve muscle fullness, pay attention to monitoring blood pressure, which is very critical


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dangerous moments of high blood pressure

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