dangerous moments of high blood pressure

Core clew: patients with high blood pressure because long-term blood pressure is bigger, the blood vessels in the spasticity, so that blood vessel elasticity decreased, and the brittleness increases, if at this time due to some reason contributing to increased blood pressure suddenly, is easy to cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral vascular rupture and causing this for patients with high blood pressure, is undoubtedly the most fatal blow. Therefore, patients with hypertension should try to avoid a sudden rise in blood pressure, especially under the following circumstances, should be more cautious. Due to the long-term pressure on blood vessels, blood vessels are in a spasm state in patients with hypertension, resulting in decreased vascular elasticity and increased brittleness. If blood pressure rises suddenly due to some reason at this time, it is easy to cause cerebral vascular rupture and cerebral hemorrhage, which is undoubtedly the most fatal blow for patients with hypertension. Therefor

How much can you lose in a month without eating snacks

 I want to lose weight recently, but I don't like sports. I heard that you can lose weight if you don't eat supper. How much can you lose if you don't eat supper in a month?

It is not certain how many carries can be lost without supper for a month.

If you don't eat supper for a month, the specific weight loss is related to the individual's weight base and constitution. If you insist on not eating high-calorie snacks or snacks for one month, most people will lose weight if they cooperate with sports. People with tight muscles will lose less slowly, and those with loose muscles will lose a little more, but it is not absolute. In fact, most people may lose weight without eating snacks Increase rather than decrease.

Suggestion: should take the scientific method to lose weight, daily can eat less and more meals, appropriate to outdoor sports, never to lose weight, and do not eat dinner.


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dangerous moments of high blood pressure

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