How does the life of pulmonary hypertension patient recuperate

  How does the life of pulmonary hypertension patient recuperate? For the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, patients must have more rest, pay attention to more rest at ordinary times, reasonably arrange their own lives, develop good living habits and eating habits, and do a good job of disease prevention. Let's have a detailed understanding.   1. Adequate rest: Adequate rest can relieve the fatigue symptoms caused by pulmonary hypertension.   2. Do not travel or live at high altitudes: Altitude alone can aggravate the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension. If you live at high altitudes, you should consider moving to a lower one.   3. Avoid activities that can cause ultra-low blood pressure, such as taking a sauna or taking a hot bath for too long. They can cause excessive drops in blood pressure, which can lead to fainting or even sudden death. Also, you need to avoid prolonged exertion, such as lifting heavy objects for long periods of time.   4. Find a relaxing ac

Ginseng is not suitable for hypertension

 Core tips: can hypertension patients take tonic? The answer is yes, but due to the different conditions, tonic treatment should be based on syndrome differentiation. However, in general, it is not recommended that patients use ginseng or pilose antler alone, and need to mix with other drugs.

Can hypertension be supplemented? I believe this is a problem that many patients often mention. Due to the different conditions of patients with hypertension, it is necessary to classify them according to the different conditions of the patients and select appropriate methods for tonic and food tonic. Generally speaking, hypertension patients should not simply use ginseng, pilose antler, and other drugs.

Besides, patients with high blood pressure should not eat more food with high cholesterol, salt which is easy to cause arteriosclerosis, or food with high salt should also be eaten as little as possible. According to clinical observation, appropriate potassium supplements can reduce the blood pressure of most patients with hypertension and prevent disease progression. Therefore, daily eating some banana, apple, and other high potassium food is conducive to the stability of blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

The supplement of hypertension patients depends on the situation

Hyperactivity of liver Yang: if the patients with hypertension who use the brain excessively and often stay up late, belong to hyperactivity of liver Yang and excessive heart fire, they can drink Tianma Gauteng Decoction, Zhengan Xifeng decoction, or take Chinese patent medicine Anshen Bunao liquid, Tianwang Buxin pill, etc.

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Heart and spleen qi and blood deficiency: if hypertension patients often palpitation, insomnia, dizziness, forgetfulness, pale complexion, mental fatigue, etc., belong to the heart and spleen qi and blood deficiency, can take Guipi Decoction (including Astragalus membranaceous, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Radix Poria cocos, Polygala, semen Ziziphi Spinosa, Radix Aucklandiae, longan meat, ginger, jujube, licorice); or 10 grams of single ginseng and 50 grams of lean meat stewed in water or pilose antler 5 grams Add 50 grams of lean meat stewed in water (this is more suitable for women with anemia).

Yin deficiency and fire hyperactivity: if climacteric female hypertension patients appear irritability, dizziness, facial heat, blood pressure rise, belonging to yin deficiency and fire hyperactivity disease, can take the donkey to hide gelatin, black sesame, walnut meat, ginseng, Eucommia, Pueraria and other traditional Chinese medicine, or Chinese patent medicine Jiawei Xiaoyao capsule, etc.; also can use soybean milk, tofu,, and other bean products and sea cucumber and other food.

Three kinds of medicated diet help to stabilize blood pressure

Carrot porridge

150 grams of fresh carrots, chopped, together with 100 grams of rice into the pot, add the right amount of water, with a small fire-cooked porridge can be eaten.

Efficacy: invigorate spleen and stomach, lower qi stagnation, eyesight, hypotension, and diuresis. It is suitable for hypertension, dyspepsia, infantile chondropathy, and malnutrition.

Celery porridge

Celery root 120 grams, chopped, together with 250 grams of white rice together into the pot, add the right amount of water, with low heat cooking porridge can be eaten.

Efficacy: clearing liver heat and lowering blood pressure, suitable for hypertension patients with hyperactivity of liver Yang and yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity.

Angelica mutton soup

Prepare 18 grams of Angelica Sinensis, 30 grams of ginger, 250 grams of mutton, 6 grams of ginseng, 30 grams of Astragalus and other materials, first wash ginseng, angelica, Astragalus, cut into pieces, and then remove the fascia of the mutton, and then wash and cut into pieces. After cutting, put the mutton, angelica, astragalus, ginseng, ginger, and other materials into the pot, and finally,, add the appropriate amount of water, boil with high heat, then remove the foam, and use low fire Stew until the mutton is cooked and rotten.

Efficacy: Yiqi Shengxue, suitable for hypertension patients with Qi and blood deficiency syndrome.


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