dangerous moments of high blood pressure

Core clew: patients with high blood pressure because long-term blood pressure is bigger, the blood vessels in the spasticity, so that blood vessel elasticity decreased, and the brittleness increases, if at this time due to some reason contributing to increased blood pressure suddenly, is easy to cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral vascular rupture and causing this for patients with high blood pressure, is undoubtedly the most fatal blow. Therefore, patients with hypertension should try to avoid a sudden rise in blood pressure, especially under the following circumstances, should be more cautious. Due to the long-term pressure on blood vessels, blood vessels are in a spasm state in patients with hypertension, resulting in decreased vascular elasticity and increased brittleness. If blood pressure rises suddenly due to some reason at this time, it is easy to cause cerebral vascular rupture and cerebral hemorrhage, which is undoubtedly the most fatal blow for patients with hypertension. Therefor

Treatment principle of essential hypertension

 [therapeutic principles of essential hypertension]

The treatment principle of primary hypertension in clinical practice assistant physician examination is the content required by the examination outline

(1) Improve life behavior: ① weight loss: try to make BMI < 25, can improve insulin resistance, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and left ventricular hypertrophy; ② low sodium diet: daily intake of salt < 6G per person is appropriate; ③ supplement potassium and calcium; ④ reduce fat intake; ⑤ limit alcohol consumption; ⑥ increase exercise, reduce mental tension: it is conducive to weight loss, improve insulin resistance and stabilize blood pressure level.

(2) Antihypertensive treatment objects: ① hypertension grade 2 or above (≥ 160 / 100mmhg). ② Hypertension complicated with diabetes, or heart, brain, kidney damage or complications. ③ The patients whose blood pressure continued to rise for more than 6 months but could not improve their life behavior. ④ Cardiovascular risk stratification, belong to high-risk or very high-risk patients.

(3) Blood pressure control target value: in principle, blood pressure should be reduced to the maximum tolerance level of patients. It is generally < 140 / 90mmHg; for patients with diabetes mellitus or chronic kidney disease, it should be < 130 / 80mmHg; for elderly patients with systolic hypertension, systolic blood pressure is 140-150mmhg, diastolic blood pressure is less than 90mmHg, but not less than 65-70mmhg.

[what are the treatments for essential hypertension

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps to prevent and delay the occurrence of hypertension.

1. Reduce sodium intake

(1) Salt used in cooking should be reduced as much as possible. It is recommended to use quantitative salt spoon;

(2) Reduce the amount of sodium salt seasoning such as monosodium glutamate and soy sauce;

(3) Eat less or no processed foods with high sodium content, such as pickles, ham, sausage and fried food;

(4) Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits;

(5) If the kidney function is good, use potassium containing cooking salt.

2. Weight control

3. No smoking

4. Limit alcohol consumption


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dangerous moments of high blood pressure

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