Hypertension Management: Essential Tips for Patients

  Overview Understanding the key aspects of managing hypertension can significantly enhance your health and well-being. This guide provides valuable tips for those dealing with high blood pressure. Daily Routine Adequate Sleep : Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Balanced Rest and Work : Ensure your rest is proportionate to your daily workload. Physical Well-being Regular Breaks : Incorporate 15-20 minute breaks to lie down or sit with elevated legs. Posture During Work : For desk jobs, periodically stand for 3-5 minutes to alleviate pressure. Mental Health Stress Management : Opt for lying down or sitting with elevated legs during stressful periods rather than pacing. Sleep Hygiene Leg Elevation : Slightly raise the bed at the foot by 7-10 cm, especially for those with less sleep at night. Use a higher pillow if needed. Morning Routine Gradual Transition : Move slowly from lying down to standing up in the morning. Gentle Exercises : Start the day with light exercises, avoiding stre

Top ten foods forbidden for patients with hypertension

 "According to the research of authoritative experts, it is very important for patients with hypertension to control their diet. Diet control reasonable, often blood pressure will get better control. Patients with hypertension need to eat as little as possible cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids more food. For example, eat less fat, animal viscera, fried food. Also need to eat less sweets and sugary drinks, less seasoning, because condiments also contain more sodium salt. For example, chicken essence, oyster sauce, soy sauce and so on, but also need to eat less red meat. "

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