How does the life of pulmonary hypertension patient recuperate

  How does the life of pulmonary hypertension patient recuperate? For the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, patients must have more rest, pay attention to more rest at ordinary times, reasonably arrange their own lives, develop good living habits and eating habits, and do a good job of disease prevention. Let's have a detailed understanding.   1. Adequate rest: Adequate rest can relieve the fatigue symptoms caused by pulmonary hypertension.   2. Do not travel or live at high altitudes: Altitude alone can aggravate the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension. If you live at high altitudes, you should consider moving to a lower one.   3. Avoid activities that can cause ultra-low blood pressure, such as taking a sauna or taking a hot bath for too long. They can cause excessive drops in blood pressure, which can lead to fainting or even sudden death. Also, you need to avoid prolonged exertion, such as lifting heavy objects for long periods of time.   4. Find a relaxing ac

New research: supplement this kind of vitamin more, or can keep away from hypertension! Teach you the secret of diet

 Core tip: among the "three highs" we are familiar with, hypertension has the largest number of patients and the greatest impact. The vast majority of hypertension belongs to primary hypertension, the cause of which is still unclear, so we can only pay more attention to diet, work and rest, and strengthen exercise to prevent it in daily life.

In our well-known "three highs", hypertension is the most common and influential disease. The vast majority of hypertension belongs to primary hypertension, the cause of which is still unclear, so we can only pay more attention to diet, work and rest, and strengthen exercise to prevent it in daily life.

The latest research shows that vitamin B2 is closely related to hypertension!

Scholars from Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University conducted a study that included data from 12245 participants in the China Nutrition and Health Survey (CHNS) cohort.

They found that there was a relationship between eating habits and the risk of high blood pressure, using a combination of recall and food details to determine each person's vitamin B2 intake. The risk of new hypertension in subjects with higher intake was 26% lower than that in the group with the least intake. Moreover, vitamin B2 supplementation is more beneficial for people with low salt and high potassium.

In addition, studies have found that vitamin B2 can improve the blood supply of the heart, so it is often used in the treatment of coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.

Vitamin B2 deficiency can lead to a variety of diseases, and dietary supplement is very important

The above study mentioned that taking more vitamin B2 has a certain effect on the prevention of hypertension. Many people may not understand vitamin B2, which is an essential vitamin for the human body, also known as riboflavin. It is directly related to energy production and can promote the growth and development of human body and cell regeneration. It is an indispensable nutrient element and closely related to our life.

Vitamin B2 is a water-soluble vitamin, which will be discharged from the body with water. Therefore, we need to take vitamin B2 from food or nutritional supplements every day. If the intake is insufficient for a long time, it will lead to vitamin B2 deficiency.

Lack of vitamin B2, the most common symptom is the corner of the mouth ulceration, that is, we often say "rotten corner of the mouth", vitamin B2 can also reduce eye fatigue, so the lack of vitamin B2 can cause fear of light, tears, blurred vision, conjunctivitis and other symptoms. In addition, it can also cause papules, seborrheic dermatitis, scrotal inflammation and other skin inflammation. For children, vitamin B2 deficiency can lead to growth retardation and mild to moderate iron deficiency anemia.

Pay attention to vitamin B2 supplement, diet has the secret

In general, vitamin B2 deficiency is due to inadequate dietary intake or malabsorption, and a small number of patients are caused by drug effects, hormone secretion disorders, and increased excretion. You can start with your daily diet and eat foods rich in vitamin B2.

Animal food, animal liver and kidney contain the most vitamin B2, such as pig liver, sheep liver, pig kidney, chicken liver are rich in vitamin B2. Secondly, there are pig heart, eggs, milk, eel, river crab and so on are also recommended to eat.

Fungi and seaweeds are also rich in vitamin B2, such as mushrooms, kelp, laver and so on.

Plant food, green leafy vegetables generally contain more vitamin B2, staple food in millet, soybeans, peanuts and other content is more, it is recommended to eat more.

Dietary supplements need to pay attention to, vitamin B2 is easy to dissolve in water, easy to be damaged in alkaline environment, animal food, green leafy vegetables contain vitamin B2 is easy to be lost and damaged due to excessive cleaning, cooking alkali, etc., so we need to pay attention to the way of eating, stir fry as much as possible to avoid the loss of vitamin B2 with the soup, if the soup does not add alkali, in order to prevent survival Element B2 was destroyed.

Of course, if the lack of vitamin B2 symptoms more obvious, to the hospital for examination, can be under the guidance of the doctor for drug supplement.

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