dangerous moments of high blood pressure

Core clew: patients with high blood pressure because long-term blood pressure is bigger, the blood vessels in the spasticity, so that blood vessel elasticity decreased, and the brittleness increases, if at this time due to some reason contributing to increased blood pressure suddenly, is easy to cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral vascular rupture and causing this for patients with high blood pressure, is undoubtedly the most fatal blow. Therefore, patients with hypertension should try to avoid a sudden rise in blood pressure, especially under the following circumstances, should be more cautious. Due to the long-term pressure on blood vessels, blood vessels are in a spasm state in patients with hypertension, resulting in decreased vascular elasticity and increased brittleness. If blood pressure rises suddenly due to some reason at this time, it is easy to cause cerebral vascular rupture and cerebral hemorrhage, which is undoubtedly the most fatal blow for patients with hypertension. Therefor

Here are four kinds of fruits that can lower blood pressure and can be eaten alternately

 Although it is said that high blood pressure may also be caused by genetics, more patients are caused by acquired living habits, eating habits, etc. If you can strengthen dietary management in normal life, and at the same time choose corresponding blood pressure lowering foods, it is Can control blood pressure completely, this article will list several blood pressure lowering foods, and at the same time supplement the habit of lowering blood pressure.

List several blood pressure lowering foods

1. Apple

Apple is a versatile fruit, which is why it is known as the king. The nutritional value contained in apples is very rich, such as multiple vitamins, such as a variety of sugars, pectin, and inorganic salts. Contains tannic acid, cellulose, malic acid, potassium, etc. It is precisely because apples are rich in potassium, which can be combined with the excess sodium in the body to reduce the concentration of sodium, so it has a good effect in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Apple can also prevent the increase in blood cholesterol content in controlling high blood pressure, and at the same time can reduce the sugar content in blood. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure must eat more apples. The benefits are very great.

2. Banana

Among the fruits that control blood pressure, bananas are also very effective. Bananas can lower blood pressure because they contain potassium ions that can help lower blood pressure. Potassium ions can help reduce the concentration of sodium ions that can cause blood pressure to increase and blood vessel damage, so it can achieve the effect of controlling high blood pressure. "

3. Kiwi

Kiwi fruit also has a good effect on reducing high blood pressure. From the effect of kiwi fruit, it can achieve the effects of clearing heat and diuresis, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Therefore, whether it is for hypertension patients, coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis patients Has a very good effect.

4. Orange

Oranges contain a variety of nutrients including vitamin C. If it is due to high blood pressure caused by chronic hepatitis, eating more oranges can help the liver detoxify, and at the same time promote cholesterol conversion, so it can achieve the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis. Eating an orange after a meal can also help relieve digestive disorders caused by high blood pressure.

The effect of lowering blood pressure can be achieved through healthy eating. In addition, improving living habits can also help lower blood pressure.

What good habits can lower blood pressure?

First, control your weight

If there is too much fat in a person's body, it will increase the probability of blood vessel blockage and the workload of the heart. If it goes on for a long time, it will increase the probability of high blood pressure. Relevant data shows that blood pressure will rise by one unit for every kilogram of weight. Therefore, if you want to control high blood pressure, you must first lose weight.

Second, control salt

It is a recognized fact that eating too salty can cause high blood pressure. Therefore, to achieve the effect of controlling blood pressure, the daily amount of salt in the diet should not exceed five grams, which also includes soy sauce and salt in pickles.

Again, stay away from tobacco and alcohol

Both smoking and excessive drinking can cause high blood pressure, especially smoking, which contains too much harmful substances, which can cause serious harm to the body.


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dangerous moments of high blood pressure

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