How does the life of pulmonary hypertension patient recuperate

  How does the life of pulmonary hypertension patient recuperate? For the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, patients must have more rest, pay attention to more rest at ordinary times, reasonably arrange their own lives, develop good living habits and eating habits, and do a good job of disease prevention. Let's have a detailed understanding.   1. Adequate rest: Adequate rest can relieve the fatigue symptoms caused by pulmonary hypertension.   2. Do not travel or live at high altitudes: Altitude alone can aggravate the symptoms of pulmonary hypertension. If you live at high altitudes, you should consider moving to a lower one.   3. Avoid activities that can cause ultra-low blood pressure, such as taking a sauna or taking a hot bath for too long. They can cause excessive drops in blood pressure, which can lead to fainting or even sudden death. Also, you need to avoid prolonged exertion, such as lifting heavy objects for long periods of time.   4. Find a relaxing ac

What are the 5 symptoms of hypertension in young people

 Hypertension is an extremely complex disease, which affects many friends. When the disease occurs, it will lead to frequent dizziness, which is not conducive to health. Especially some young people will also have symptoms of hypertension, which brings inconvenience to patients' work and life. So, what are the five symptoms of young people with hypertension?

1. After the symptoms of hypertension in young people, there will be inattention and memory loss, which is not obvious in the early stage of the disease, but it will become more and more serious with the continuous development of the disease. Most patients are easy to distract their attention, and their recent memory is seriously reduced. They always can't remember the recent things, and they still remember the past things.

2. Numbness of the limbs is also a common symptom of hypertension. Numbness of the fingers and toes or skin of the patient is like mosquito walking sensation or neck muscle tension and soreness. Some patients will feel that their fingers are not flexible. In general, after active treatment, they can be improved. However, if the numbness of the limbs is particularly stubborn and lasts for a long time, it will appear in the When a limb part is accompanied with cramps, limb fatigue and jumping pain, timely treatment should be taken to prevent the occurrence of stroke.

3. Bleeding symptoms are relatively rare, but can not be ruled out, because high blood pressure will lead to the occurrence of arteriocerebral sclerosis, so that patients with vascular elasticity significantly reduced, brittleness will increase, so it is easy to rupture bleeding.

4. Dizziness is the most obvious symptom of hypertension, there are more patients are transient, often occur in sudden squat or stand up, some patients will be persistent, thus bringing more inconvenience to patients.

5. Among the symptoms of hypertension, headache is also common, mostly persistent dull pain or pulsating distending pain, and even burst like sharp pain, which often occurs in the morning when they wake up, making patients feel uneasy.

We have a clear understanding of the above knowledge, especially clear understanding of the symptoms of young people's hypertension is what, friends need to be careful about the emergence of hypertension, seriously understand the symptoms of some diseases, young friends must pay attention to the prevention of hypertension, do a good job in the prevention of the disease, in order to reduce the occurrence of hypertension, avoid the harm of disease.

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